IT Services

Finding the right technologies for your growing business needs shouldn't be an incredible efford for you anymore. After all, you've got more important things to think about - like running your business. The reality is that the scope of technology is growing, making it nearly impossible for you to be an expert for so many new hardware and software products.

That's why we offer assistance of any kind in the field of IT services.

Throughout our  years in business we have used our expertise to provide valuable information that will help you take the difficulty out of usage and implementation of developing IT technologies. Whether you need a new network, Business PCs, website development and support, advertisment materials, we have knowledgeable staff to aid you in making an appropriate decision for your needs and business type.

We could find solutions for your business which will:

•Growing your markets

•Tackling new challenges

•Increasing competitive avantages

•Satisfying your customers

•Planing for the future



From the most simple of web pages to the most complex set of web documents... 

Bulgarian development agency can help!

We can create and maintain Web site for any budget. Few people deny the need for a site for their business. More and more people use the Internet as their window on the world.
Internet is where they seek knowledge and potential suppliers.

You can not miss your chance to be represented in this area and be uncompetitive.

We design websites for your business or other needs, using a practical approach in which communication is most important technology.

               Bulgarian development agency designs and develops graphic images all web sites. We also create logos and trademark images for our customers.
                                We have many other services that we can help you - digital photography services, scanning, document creation, image manipulation, plus many more services to get your web site running and looking professional. 

Web site for hotels or resorts

Web site that offers to produce a hotel web design, built mostly on the basis of suitablecolors and their combination in a way that reflects the identity and the services of a hotel/resort, but mainly to allow easy access and review of the submitted content.

Еxamples of categories that your web site could include:

-Links for Contact.

-Photographs, video material, multimedia material - without restriction.

-Map in Bulgarian and English with the location of the hotel/resort.

-Virtual tour at the hotel and rooms.

-Current promotional packages, and is capable of displaying bids as promotions/top  offers on the homepage.

-Section for on-line queries.

-Section  "check ability"of services and reservations.

-Section with the ability to add PDF or Doc document to the current package holidays.

 -Section with offers by categories or lists with galleries built in them.


Full and detailed description of the service, you can find here[BG].

Web site for legal services:

You may have realized excellent professional looking website!

What is included in the package:

-Unique, custom designs

 -Maintenance and warranty program code

-Installation and server settings

-Module for creating menus and submenus

-Module File Manager - allows to add and edit photos, video and files for download

-Module for working with images, posting news, edit the contents of articles

-Module News

-Management module users - view and edit registered users

-Ability to create unlimited email accounts

-Design of logos and banners

 -Unlimited number of sections and categories for the successful interactive presentation 

Full and detailed description of the service, you can find here[BG].


For additional and detailed information please, contact us at the following coordinates:

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Phone: +359-889-173-600