Acquisition of Innovative Teaching Methods

Nowadays, digital progress has ushered in a new era in which low-skilled adults tend to be left behind or fall into technological "traps" younger generations born "engulfed" with technology can easy to avoid. Digital illiteracy poses other obstacles for adults, whether in their everyday lives or in theirs Work and social environment. In addition, it is widely recognized that adults tend to avoid this educational process, since it is generally believed that the time for "attending school" has long passed, and a significant number of people are taking the first steps to improve their skills

The training is terminated prematurely for various reasons, including lack of motivation, qualification difficulties and incorrect ones

Course expectations (DIDO 2018 results). Meanwhile, the amount of advertising and News-feeds are unprecedented and critical thinking is widely recognized as one of the most important necessary skills of the 21st century.

The aim of this project is to carry out a series of training activities in which the participating institutes are involved will be able to share and localize the teaching methods / tools they use the differences and advantages of integrating each methodology / tool into our own processes.

The partners will task adult trainers involved in their institutions to join the LTTAs and understand/discuss the processes suggested by the host partner organizations, such as:

- Game based learning and Critical thinking and information filtering by Bulgarian Development Agency (BDA) in the first LTTA

- Augmented reality in the classroom by PRISM - PROMOZIONE INTERNAZIONALE SICILIA - MONDO in the second LTTA