Technology from everyone to everyone and each one of us - TEC++US
Proj. Number: 2018-1-PT01-KA201-047292

The project “Technology from everyone to everyone and each one of us” has the main objective of developing tools that are inspired in the universal principle philosophy of overcoming intercultural barriers of communication.
The project contains guidelines that allow everyone to use, update and share the app. To complete the project and to achieve this goal there will be continuous training/ information for the project partners.
The big challenge will be the creation of a new pictoric language and app by using simple freeware that allows everyone to communicate and transmit basic information, when people don’t know each other’s language or have difficulty in communication.
- Improve the teaching and learning of languages and promote the broad linguistic diversity in the EU and the sensibility to the different cultures;
- Promote improvement in terms of quality, innovation, excellence and internationalization in the educational institutions, namely through the promotion of transnational cooperation between the education and training institutions and other parts with interest in it;
- Develop projects to optimize the use of computers and media as mechanisms that allow the intercultural mobility and share.
- Promote the technologic inclusion as a facilitator.
- Promote projects developed that use technological resources.
- Discover the words/expressions most needed for children in the first week at a foreign country.
- Create the European Pictogram Communication Language (EPCL).
- Create the EPCL Translator App.


More about the project you can find at it's website: https://www.tec4everyone2us.eu/