Regional Development Support


  • Promotion and support to the public-private partnership
  • Optimization of the legal and tax environment
  • Intellectual property rights and consumer protection
  • Transfer of best practices

BDA contributes to the achievement of sustainable growth, development of methods for effective management and the usage of natural resources and environmental protection. The association supports specific for the region business activities, as well as the development of the entrepreneurship through elaboration, dissemination and publishing of scientific and informational materials and bulletins. Bulgarian Development Agency provides technical and operational assistance to public and private organizations and institutions, central and local authorities for the realization of initiatives in the field of education, health, culture, sports, economy, tourism, administrative reform, etc. BDA aims to facilitate growth and expand opportunities at regional level. Our vision is a dynamic, sustainable economy, which competes on the basis of knowledge, advanced technology and an excellent quality of life for all. BDA provides help to revitalize urban and rural areas, improve regional infrastructure as well as helps the professional adaptation of young people and adults to the labour market by providing vocational training.

Vocational Education and Training

  • Innovative training and education programmes
  • European Qualification Framework
  • Network for Professional Training


European cooperation

  • Establishment and promotion of contact and business networks
  • Information exchange network
  • Centres of excellence


IT learning applications

  • Open and Distance Learning Applications
  • e-learning

Social integration

  • Establishment of civil society and strengthening the democratic principles in the society
  • Support for the social and personal integration of individuals coming from groups at risk, of individuals who are socially disadvantaged, disabled or people in need of help
  • Support and promotion of equal opportunities for men and women



BDA is applying a rigorous research strategy. Our research teams work in core areas of vocational training that combine and enhance topics of national interest, social and economic policy and EU integration and cohesion. Our team’s qualification is a result of a solid academic background and experience in the relative fields, their permanent contacts with universities and other educational institutions. BDA supports innovation through raising awareness of innovation best practices, innovative techniques and process and the innovative business management and procedures.

Information Technology Projects

  • Knowledge management
  • Technical Assistance on technology transfer
  • Identification of end-users
  • Provision of information and examination of user needs