Project description

The Big Picture Learning project (innovations for students with constraints) is an innovative concept aimed at the successful inclusion to the educational system of students with family, financial or any problems which impede their performance in school. This approach is implemented through a serious focus on the students’ personal qualities, talents and interests. The program is based on the philosophy “one kid at the time” first developed in the mid 90s in USA.
The main goal of the project is helping students who have difficulties finishing their studies understand the importance of learning through bringing nearer their interests to the very process of learning, adaptation to society and the job market needs.

According to statistics, annually 6 million young learners drop out of school, which means about 14% of the total number of students in the EU. The objective of the European Community concerning school dropout is clear and precise: a dropout rate in the EU below 10% by 2020. Usually these students are faced with serious cultural, social or financial impediments which lock them up in an insecure environment. Their motivation for fulfilling school’s requirements lowers and they prefer to quit trying.

The BPL is a well-known and widely practiced approach in the USA since 1995, as mentioned before. It has already successfully proven that it’s extremely beneficial to the educational system as well as to the core recipients of these innovative ideas for “learning by doing” - students, teachers, parents and society as a whole.

In the European context the partner countries develop applicable and effective practices which seek to remove the factors which lead to dropping out of school through:

  • Learning in the real world with real projects
  • Every student has his/her own Personal Learning Plan/One student at a time
  • Small scale school organisation
  • Engagement of parents, family and other adults

Big Pictur Learning (BPL) is a two-year-long  project (Oct. 2012 - Sept. 2014) of the Lifelong learning programme and The Leonardo da Vinci programme - transfer of innovation. Respectively it is funded with support from the European Commission. Coordinator of the project is KPC Groep from Netherlands and the partner countries are  Ireland, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria (Bulgarian Development Agency) and  Netherlands - 13 organisations totally.


The main aims and objectives: 

Students with constraints will obtain key competences for their social inclusion in society by way of the innovative BPL philosophy and the ‘one kid at the time’ educational design which will be made fit for the European context and the different cultures in each participating country.

To achieve this, the project will raise awareness among decision makers and school managers in a Management Development Programme and among (VET) teachers in a Teach-the-Teacher Programme. For this trainers will be trained.

In each country a Community of Practice (CoP) will be set up for dissemination and exploitation and for further networking towards a BPL European Network.


The innovative BPL method is developed in the USA and adopted in The Netherlands. In each participating country a (VET) development organisation is key. They will develop BPL towards their specific needs, they will give reference and will provide trainers to be trained. They also will set up Communities of Practice (CoP's) for dissemination and exploitation and will participate in new and existing networks. In each country one or more VET schools are also part of the consortium.


The focus is on train-the-trainer programmes for executing a BPL Awareness Management Development Programme (BPL-AMDP) for decision makers and school managers and a BPL Awareness Teacher Training (BPL-ATT) for (VET) teachers.

National CoP’s will be working during and after the project towards a BPL European network, training programmes and BPL facilities.


The impact: There will be dissemination and PR for the project in each participating country on macro-meso-micro level.

There will be exploitation in each participating country by way of a well functioning CoP consisting of trained trainers and reference given stakeholders.


During and after the project period CoP's will works towards a BPL European network with (commercial) BPL-management and BPL-teacher programmes and BPL facilities in schools and social communities in each participating country.



Stichting KPC Onderwijs Innovatie Centrum - Coordinator, Netherlands

AOC Raad - Netherlands

Visionele Study coaching en training - Netherlands

EJJ Consultancy - Netherlands

Rever Interieurprojecten - Netherlands

De Amsterdamse Plus - Netherlands

Ballyfermot Youth Centre & Childcare Facility Limited, trading as The Base - Irelnad

Bulgarian Development Agency - Bulgaria

National Centre for TVET Development - Romania

School Inspectorate of Bucharest - Romania

Superior School of Commerce Nicolae Kretzulescu - Romania

Ordu Technical and Vocational High School - Turkey

Ordu Üniversitesi Meslek Yüksek Okulu - Turkey


Website of the project:

Coordinating organization KPC Groep