Project description

BROWNTRANS - Brownfield Regeneration Know-How Transfer- is a two year project part of the Lifelong Learning Programme.


In general Brownfields are abandoned or underused land within urban fabric which requires intervention to be returned to beneficial use. Brownfield solutions support growing local economy and need sufficient local know-how, which can supply missing local knowledge and help form suitable national and local policies and program priorities. The objective of the project is to accelerate gaining of such a local know-how and supply it where it can be most pertinent - that is to the local practicing professionals. It focuses on transfer and expansion of knowledge which was initially developed by the partners of the projects LEPOB - Lifelong Educational Project on Brownfields and BRIBAST - Brownfields in Baltic States.


The project is focused on professionals in the field of civil engineering, developers, reality agents and technicians as well as people working at municipalities and their managers. Within the project life all products will be placed at the project website. Wide professional public from Europe will be introduced with the structure of the products and their availability at conferences and meetings.


The aim of the project is to prepare an educational material based on the Brownfield Handbook that was prepared within the BRIBAST project. Handbook will be updated with the recent international brownfields reuse trends, supplemented with the specifics of Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Romania.


Another aim is to prepare a teaching course in the form of e-learning.  For the purpose of the course, teaching materials (slides, manual) which were elaborated within the BRIBAST project, will be adjusted. 


The overall outcome of this project is to accelerate the sustainable urban development skills. This will be achieved by delivering know-how and experience in brownfield regeneration to practicing professionals, representatives of municipalities and regions and students who may once play an important role in brownfield regeneration. The project will educate local teachers, capable to teach aspects of this multi-disciplinary subject in order to support economic, environmental and social development in various activity sectors for the benefit of the whole society.


Project consortium will consist of three universities (STU in Bratislava SK, VSB Ostrava CZ and TU IASI RO), two NGOs (IURS Prague, CZ, Bulgarian Development Agency in Sofia, BG) and 2 professional chambers from Slovakia (SKSI, SAS).


More information about the project objectives and activities may be found on the official Browntrans project website: