Labour Market in Touch: new non-routine skills via mobile game-based learning (INTOUCH)

The severity of the financial crisis adds an exceptional degree of unpredictability about the future. In the service sector, there is a clear tendency towards the broadening of the required skills portfolio linked to "non-routine" tasks. This reflects the growing demand from employers for transversal key competencies, such as problem-solving, self-management and communication, more generally "non-routine skills".

Developing of a training offer addressed to these skills must also consider the new logistical challenges faced by adults seeking further education (place-bound and busy people). The problem solution can be found in spreading the potentialities of MOBILE LEARNING for providing more flexible pathways and an easier access to training offer.

This project aims to spread an innovative approach enabling new generations of workers from business services SMEs to develop their crucial non-routine skills via m-Learning. The project will substantially contribute in upgrading skills of the EU working population, ensuring a better match with future labor market needs. Following the "New Skills for New Jobs" strategy, the partners will design an ad hoc innovative m-learning kit for working adults about crucial “non-routine” skills, exploiting the new technologies of smart phones for creating open and mobile didactical environments.