Project Description

Informal Learning in Communities (ILiC)

Informal Learning in Communities is a two year Grundtvig Multilateral project Funded By the EU Lifelong Learning Programme.

The coordinator of the project - Merseyside Expanding Horizons - is working with colleagues from five European countries to investigate the use and validation of various informal and non-formal learning strategies within different “communities”. 

By “communities” are meant geographical communities e.g. a defined local area of deprivation, or a thematic community e.g. people with mental health issues.  Each partner will work with a different community and will investigate the use of various learning methods e.g. learning via peer mentoring, community networking, role models, intergenerational learning, and community participation.  By investigating the use of various forms of informal and non-formal learning within different communities, partners will share experiences and produce curriculum and learning materials to reflect the situation within different communities and countries. 

The project aims to produce innovative training modules for practitioners in the field of adult education wanting to develop and validate informal learning within communities. The final product (ILiC) will consist of a course workbook and accompanying DVD. The material will be translated into the language of our partner countries i.e. English, German, Italian, Bulgarian and Lithuanian. The impact will be to develop the capacity of practitioners to develop and deliver informal learning programmes within communities and to help remove barriers that prevent adults from engaging in learning.
We hope to increase the consideration and application of informal learning within communities by producing innovative training modules for practitioners in the field of adult learning wanting to develop and validate informal learning opportunities within communities. 

The training materials will be developed and tested across our European partnership and will be widely disseminated.  A final conference to highlight the results of the project will be held in Germany in October 2013.  

Role of the Bulgarian Development Agency:

Bulgarian Development Agency (BDA) will participate in all translational partnership activities and report on project implementation following the time-schedule and rules, set in the SLA; BDA will research the situation on the delivery and validation of informal learning within Bulgaria, produce a report and present the report at meeting  1.  BDA will contribute to all activities in WP3 leading to the development of the ILiC product e.g. tests (practitioners and in communities), filming, drafting, and translation. BDA will contribute to all activities in WP 4 and 5 e.g. contributing to the key contacts database, contributing to and distributing leaflets and e-newsletters; holding consultation events; commercialization. BDA will lead the monitoring and quality assurance and will provide information on their own performance; take action to improve any processes; participate in activities to disseminate key lessons from the external evaluation.