Project Description

The project “ENTRExplorer - Serious Game for Immersive Entrepreneurs” is a two year project funded by the European Commission under the sectorial programme Leonardo da Vinci, part of the Lifelong Learning Programme.

The main purpose of the Project "ENTRExplorer - Serious Game for Immersive Entrepreneurs” is to develop an online serious game related to entrepreneurship theme where the users\learners can have access to learning contents that will assist them in acquisition of entrepreneurial skills necessary to manage their own businesses in the future. This project has also the ambition of stimulate innovative ideas, drive and prepare learners to set up their own occupation and creation of new jobs.

In order to be competitive, Europe needs to reinforce the importance of SME’s in the market supporting the entrepreneurial spirit, creating more jobs and new companies with a major impact on the profitability & competitiveness of European business. As so with this project we want support entrepreneurs to get the accurate skills and knowledge that will lead them to successful business. This will be done by the development of an innovative approach to common education/training formats that is a serious game that will set several scenarios related to the steps that an entrepreneur has to give from the ”Proof of Concept” to “Creating the Company” and “Managing the Company”.

Role of the Bulgarian Development Agency:

As a partner under the project Bulgarian Development Agency will actively participate in all project activities the needs, traditions and attitudes to the entrepreneurship in the country. We will also perform a pilot testing of the project products within the preliminary defined target groups.

ENTRExplorer project web site: