DOCUMENTA is a non profit organisation working in the field of “applied social research”, whose main aim is the introduction of a model of sustainable local development in Intelligent Territories. During the last years, DOCUMENTA has consolidated an experienced cross-disciplinary professional team, forged through a methodology of its own, which combines reflection and action around four different lines of work:

• Territorial analysis and strategic planning.

• Integral service to entrepreneurs on training, employment and advising.

• European programmes’ design and management.

• Active participation in development cooperation’s projects.

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Folkuniversitetet, Sweden, is an adult educational association that offers a wide range of adult education. The pedagogical approach is based on the idea of imparting knowledge which is of immediate practical use to the students. A large part of the training offered by Folkuniversitetet targets people who need new knowledge and skills to apply in professional and/or labour market contexts.

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Romanian Institute for Adult Education (IREA), established as a non-profit institution, ис a pedagogic research institute in the field of adult and continuing education, aiming to provide scientific and methodological support for all the adult education institutions in Romania, to make the link between the academics and practitioners acting for education of adults. IREA’s mission is to contribute towards the development of research and practice in the field of adult and continuing education nationally and at a European level.

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DIMITRA ITD, since 1989 is a certified VET institute with extensive experience and unique competencies in both methodology development and production of practical solutions matching specific vocational and professional development needs. Dimitra ITD works for the promotion of cultural, educational, scientific and economic development through the employment of innovative and participative tools and methodologies. It is engaged in the growth & development of the communities and contexts with which cooperates, promoting territorial development, models of sustainable development & sustainability management, through the active involvement of people, civil society, institutions, promoting enrichment through diversity.

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“European Manager of Intelligent and Responsible Territories” GETIR

The general aim of the GETIR project is to contribute and to give an answer to the present growing demand in European labour market concerning the local development sector, where same training techniques and skills have been used for the last 15 years. DOCUMENTA together with its project partners FU Uppsala, Bulgarian Development Agency, Romanian Institute for Adult Education (IREA) and the Dimitra Institute of Training and Development saw the need to redefine the present profile of thousands of present and future Local Development Agents (LDAs or similar) and therefore put their efforts in creating at EU level a new professional profile and a training curriculum called “European Manager of Intelligent and Responsible Territories” (GETIR). This new professional profile and the training curriculum that include new competences in local/ regional territorial management are based on the combination of two models- Models of Socially Responsible Territory (TSR) and Intelligent Territory (IT). They are the foundation of the newly emerged Intelligent and Responsible Territories (TIR) concept developed by DOCUMENTAand its partners.

The main objective of GETIR project is to create and develop a new professional profile and a training curriculum based on the TIR model, then to create an online training tool for the GETIRs in different languages (EN, ES, SV, RO, and BUL) and finally to make the foundation of a social community for the GETIRs which will help evaluate and improve if necessary the project implementation.