Project SUMIGRE kicked off on 18-19 January 2018 in Izmit, Turkey


The meeting focused mainly on the aims, objectives, project financing, project management& monitoring tools, the outputs, planned activities and the expected outcomes to understand the project background, understand the criteria which will ensure our success and understand our tasks and responsibilities and agree on certain issues.

There were extensive discussions about the 1st intellectual output, the Migration Report which will contain information about not only the situation of migrants in the partner countries but also the training opportunities provided for educators working with migrants. The Migration Report is expected to be finalised and published on the website in June, 2018.

After the meeting concluded, we paid a visit to the “Al Shami Kitchen”, a cooking and bakery facility provided for Syrian refugee women by Izmit Municipality, and tasted the traditional Syrian food which they cook and sell to contribute to their family income. The walk through the Izmit Historical Corridor and other sightseeing spots was the final activity of the 2-day meeting.