Social integration

  • Establishment of civil society and strengthening the democratic principles in the society
  • Support for the social and personal integration of individuals coming from groups at risk, of individuals who are socially disadvantaged, disabled or people in need of help
  • Support and promotion of equal opportunities for men and women


BDApromotes the democratic and integration processes in the social sector through initiating, support and assistance of initiatives of the private and non-government sector, related to education, health, culture, sports, tourism, administrative reform and other spheres of public life. BDA contributes to the social integration of disadvantaged social groups through consultation and provision of information, organization of training programmes in the field of civil and adult education. The association works towards meeting the needs of the emerging intercultural society in Europe. Our organization provides proposals and collaborates on the design and development of programmes and tools for intercultural education aimed to meet the needs both of the educational and labour sector. BDA aims to raise the language, professional and social competences of disadvantaged groups of population that will contribute for their full participation in the labour market, as well as, will improve their social status.