Project Partners

Århus Social og Sundhedsskole

Aarhus Social and Health Care College, the second largest in DK, provides different educational programs and supplementary trainings of educated staff members from various kinds of child care, social and health care intuitions for elderly, hospitals and psychiatry. The college offers special educational introductory programs for immigrants and refugees. We have 150 fulltime employees and 30 external professionals. The 150 fulltime employees cover about 110 educational staff members.


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Konsulentfirmaet ARGO 

Argo is a private consultancy with 7 consultants. ARGO works on learning and competence development for individuals and organizations. Our work is based on the understanding that learning and development takes place in practice communities between individuals. Learning at an organizational level is about organizational development of practice through organizational anchoring of the learning processes going on at an individual and collective level. We have a specific focus on the area of conditions which set the frame for learning- and development opportunities of the individual, the group and the entire organization.


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Kocaeli Valiligi AB Projeler Koordinasyon Merkez 

The centre was founded in 2004 under responsibility of Governorship of Kocaeli to accelerate Turkey’s accession and enable Kocaeli fully to benefit from EU education programmes. Universities, Directorate of National Education of Kocaeli, Metropolitan Municipality, NGO’s, Employment Office and all the other institutions in Kocaeli are under our main scope. We are also in contact with every kind of institution involved in education. Our centre provides consultancy services within the frame of LLP Programmes of EU, FP7, central finance & contracts unit and holds seminars and conferences to present and disseminate the EU Education Programmes to potential participants.

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Fundatia Ecologica Green

FEG is an educational institution, autonomous and non profit making, located in Iasi, Romania, comprising: a kindergarten, a primary school, a post secondary technical school and a training centre for adults. FEG Training Centre was founded in 1990,and it is a recognized training provider for several qualifications. We organize formal short-term courses for various qualifications such as social workers, health care helpers, cooks, waiters, tailors, carpenters, etc. Since last year FEG Training Centre has been also involved in non formal learning activities for adults, developing a new dimension in our centre.



"Fundacja Rozwoju Demokracji Lokalnej Małopolski Instytut Samorzadu Terytorialnego i Administracji" 

MISTiA was set up in 1991 as a regional centre of Foundation in Support of Local Democracy. MISTiA in Malopolska. The aim of MISTiA is to give support to people, organizations and groups taking part in the creation of an open society. The basic activities of MISTIA include vocational training,consultancy, research and projects addressed to the public administration, SMEs, and NGOs.

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Associazione seed 

Seed has been active since 2007 in the field of technologies, communication and education. Seed was born from the belief that an adequate use of ICT and e-learning technologies can make a difference in education and training initiatives in cooperation and development projects: enhancing access, allowing the creation of stable networks, and improving daily working activities. Apart from its activity in developing countries and in the social field, Seed‘s staff took part in different EU projects on research, training or dissemination tasks.

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Non-profit partnerhip "Danish Business Service"

DBS, Danish Business Service was established in 1992 originally by the special agreement between two regions of Denmark (Aarhus Amt and Aarhus Kommune) and two regions of Russia (St.Petersburg and Leningrad region). Its primary goal was development of links between the regions and enhancement of relations in economic, cultural, environmental and educational fields. Today DBS is a network organisation that represents Danish and Russian regions, private companies and public sector in various fields.

Invalidu un viu draugu apvieniba "Apeirons"


The aim of APEIRONS is the integration of people with disabilities in the society as well as creating more accepting attitude towards them from general public. APEIRONS was officially registered in 1997, but it has been active since 1994. Since its founding APEIRONS has been committed to the principle that all people are equal and none should be relegated to a position of powerlessness on the basis of disability. All the activities of APEIRONS focus on achieving equality of opportunity, full participation, independent living, and economic self-sufficiency for persons with disabilities.





Bulgarian Development Agency


Bulgarian Development Agency (BDA) is a non-profit association undertaking activities for public benefit, established in Sofia, Bulgaria. The association aims to contribute to the regional development as well as to promote the democratic and integration processes in the context of Knowledge society. It is to be achieved through elaboration, localization and transfer of innovative training and education products, materials and methodologies; analysis, transfer and dissemination of best practices; establishment and promotion of centres of excellence, establishment and popularization of VET networks; contribution to the process of elaboration of EQF and validation of non-formal and informal learning in VET, etc.


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