TEC++US 2.0

The TEC++US 2.0 Project is developed as a part of the ERASMUS+ program and co-funded with the EU funds.

It is the continuity of TEC++US Project, that took place in 2018-2020.

The TEC++US - was founded under the ERASMUS+ Project and emerges from the EU Commission's 2020 strategy, aims to promote "growth and jobs for the current decade, with a focus on smart, sustainable and inclusive growth as a means of overcoming structural deficiencies in the European economy, improving competitiveness and productivity and to ensure a sustainable social market economy. "

Our primary objective was to create a transnational tool, which facilitates the learning of useful basic words/expressions/questions to kids, during the first week of adaptation to a new country, or in acquiring language skills in basic school. It is hoped that after this week using the application that the user will acquire more vocabulary than what is available in the application, by the simple fact that individuals will enter into active conversation with other individuals with the help of the application, will associate the available words more quickly, and will begin to associate them with new words by direct interaction with the language. This tool will serve not only the school in learning a new language, but also, when needed, in support of citizens' mobility between countries of the European Union, using a logic of universal design conception.


More about the project at its website: https://www.tec4everyone2us.eu