COMPetences for Agencies for Sustainable Site conversion (COMPASS) is a two year project (2015-2017), , funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus Plus program.
The main aim of the project is to build and deliver a training path aimed at creation and recognition of a new professional profile/curriculum in response to the emerging need of EU job market: a Sustainable conversion consultant, a professional able to move into a global/local contest and understand and promote transition scenarios towards environmental and social sustainability.

- Promote green entrepreneurship education for developing active citizenship, employability and the creation of new professional curricula;
- Support lifelong learning and work paths for individuals, consistent with their personal and professional development;
- Support the mainstreaming of open educational resources for lifelong learning;
- Provide partner organizations with new tools to improve, renew and update their training offer;
- Establish connections and business partnerships between different actors – at local and EU levels - involved in sustainable conversion of public sites: local authorities, private companies and new professionals;
- Promote and raise awareness throughout EU on the opportunities of employment offered by green jobs.

Role of Bulgarian Development Agency:
Leader of Context analysis, Business creation and fundraising case study.

Project website: http://projectcompass.jimdo.com/

Project partners:


DOOR’s mission is the promotion of sustainable development principles in all segments of society, at the local, regional and national level, primarily in the field of energy.
DOOR’s vision is a society competent in the sustainable energy field, in which the public takes part in delivering, monitoring and evaluating public policies, and energetics plays an important role in social, economic and ecological development and decreasing poverty.
Website: www.door.hr

A Sud - Ecologia e Cooperazione ONLUS, Italy

A Sud is an independent Italian association founded in 2003, dedicated to cooperation between northern and southern countries; environmental and intercultural education; research on issues of environmental conflicts: the ecological conversion of energy and productive sectors; the promotion of national and International campaigns for environmental and social justice; development of collaborative and sustainable projects with a European networks of academics and CSOs; communication and publications on participatory democracy, community and ecological economics.
Website: www.asud.net

Ce.S.F.Or. Centro Studi Formazione Orientamento, Italy

Ce.S.F.Or. – Centro Studi Formazione Orientamento (Centre Studies Training and Guidance is a 'non-profit association formed in 2000, accredited and recognized for the activity of Continuing and Higher Education and Research. It is enrolled in the National Research List - MIUR cod. 53105KTK. It is recognized as a 'Social Promotion Association’ by the Lazio Region. It is enrolled in the register of associations and bodies that carry out activities in favour of immigrants from the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. Adheres to the Network Nodes of the Province of Rome Convention of July 2009 for the support of welfare measures schemes. Ce.S.F.Or. has an agreement with the University La Sapienza of Rome-Digilab- Interdepartmental Centre for Research and Services for the development of training courses, projects, initiatives and research networks and services. Has signed agreements with the Employment Service of Rome for the implementation of specific projects for labour market inclusion of young people and adults. Collaborates with the University of Tor Vergata, in particular with the Department of Sociology of Communication.
Website: www.cesfor.net

Civitas Foundation for Civil Society - Cluj Branch, Romania

Civitas Foundation for Civil Society – Cluj Branch aims to stimulate local & regional development. Civitas has 2 headquarters, one in Cluj-Napoca (N-V region) and one in Odorheiu Secuiesc (Center region) adding up a number of 20 employees. Civitas has set the following objectives: to develop then implement local & regional development programs; to develop relationships between local government & the public, to support rural initiatives both private & public; to support private initiatives through European funds management trainings, to develop trainings sessions for small rural entrepreneurs.
Website: www.civitas.ro


EUROPANORAT, part of the GRONE foundation (http://www.grone.de) that about 100 companies all over Germany belong to, is a private educational provider in the legal form of a company with limited liability located in Berlin. It organises its business area according to market demands, it operates and manages projects on behalf of its clients and sponsoring bodies, it drafts and carries out activities of human resources management with emphasis on targeted measures of human resources development and advanced training.
Website: http://www.europanorat.de


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