Specific open learning environment (SOLE) is a two year project (2014-2016), funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus Plus program.


a) The SOLE social network
b) The Pedagogical approach core
c) Nature processes and ecotouristic activities video.
d) A geopark video

Role of Bulgarian Development Agency:

- Member of the Quality Control Advisory Board of SOLE project
- Revision of the Quality Control Reference guide
- Prepares the tests and reports to measure quality and the compliance of the project goals.
- Assist the partnership in matters of quality. Contact with an external evaluator if necessary.
- Production of leaflets and brochures for dissemination.
- Generating of the Quality Control Reference Guide
- Conflict negotiator.
- Be the member of the Financial Advisory Board of SOLE project.

Project partners:

1. Centro Especifico de Educación a Distancia (CEEDCV) (Spain) (project coordinator)


2. Berufsfoerderungsinstitut Oberoesterreich (Austria)

The "Berufsförderungsinstitut Oberösterreich (BFI)" is one of the largest vocational education and training institutes in Austria, offering over 4000 training and further education courses per year, attended by approximately 60 000 participants. BFI is an institution that meets the new requirements of the 21st century’s labor market having become a market leader in all variations of re-entry into the job market, second chance education and vocational education in health, social and other service jobs. It provides an integrated spectrum of education and training covering all qualification levels – including university degrees – for both professional and occupational applicants, lending a significant edge to both individuals in training courses/seminars, as well as to organizations, companies and special interest groups.


3. Krosno State College (Poland)

4. Ural State Pedagogical University (Russia)

Ural State Pedagogical University is included into the leading group of pedagogical universities of Russia. It is the leading pedagogical university of the Ural region, a center of science, education and culture. Fundamental and applied researches in the wide range of directions connected with psychology and pedagogic, liberal arts and nature study are carried out at USPU. Today USPU conducts multi-aspect scientific and academic cooperation on organization of academic exchanges, carrying out of joint scientific researches and publication of their results, exchange of experience in organization of an educational (teaching) process, preparation and publishing of teaching aids, organization and participation in international conferences, seminars and exhibitions

Website: http: //

5. Bulgarian Development Agency

BDA is a non-profit organization, established in Sofia, Bulgaria. The organization undertakes activities for public benefit focusing on issues related to regional development, innovation, achievement and implementation of EU targets, as well as improving the social conditions in the country.


6 .Geodata (Italy)

7. Il GECO (Italy)