EWC project

Effective Writers & Communicators

EWC is a two-year-long project of the Lifelong learning programme and the Leonardo da Vinci programme - Transfer of Innovation. Тhe project is funded with the support of the European Commission. CMT Prooptiki Ltd, Greece is the applicant organization, responsible for the coordination and fulfillment of the objectives of the proposed EWC project.

Much needed soft skills like professional writing, communication & networking in English are missing from young SME (Small and medium enterprises) workers & entrepreneurs in Europe. In its Europe 2020 strategy, the EU has recognized this challenge for SMEs’ international competitiveness & youth’s future employability in globalized labour markets. Projects like “The European House of Entrepreneurs”, on which the project builds, are a brilliant starting point in tackling those challenges. But most programmes in writing and communication today are unaffordable, fragmented & inaccessible to young professionals.

A network of experienced SMEs, consultants, social partners & educators in life-long learning, business consulting and professional networking, aims to develop & pilot an innovative ICT based training course on business writing and communication for young workers and entrepreneurs, thus encouraging international competitiveness & employability.It will also develop & disseminate strategic guidelines & recommendations for SMEs, employer organisations, HEI (a higher education institution) andVET providers and educators, who wish to incorporate the course within their formal curricula, competence development & appraisal practices. A networking platform will increase visibility of trainee skills & achievements in business writing & communication, as well as encourage internship offerings & idea exchanges for business collaborations.

Trainees are expected to improve key competencies in language, writing & communication; improve time efficiencies, work credibility, commercial transaction & grant application success rates to support their businesses & future career prospects. SMEs & educators across Europe are expected to benefit from incorporating the course in their competence development & appraisal practices, curricula & programmes. And European decision makers are expected to benefit from the network’s success in their efforts to implement the Europe 2020 strategy & the Green Paper ‘Entrepreneurship in Europe’.

Objectives of the project:

  • To help promote creativity, competitiveness, employability and thegrowth of an entrepreneurial spirit
  • To support the development of innovative ICT-based content, services,pedagogies and practice for lifelong learning

Employability, competiveness and growth of entrepreneurial spirit will be achieved through the development and piloting of a training course on professional writing, communication & networking in English for young SME worker & entrepreneurs and through international networking activities. Creativity will be enhanced by the development of an online platform, where trainees will publish articles (online journal) and share ideas for business and project collaborations through discussions forums.

The partnership will develop an integrated ICT framework to training in professional writing, communication, and business networking, comprised by (1) e-learning course with interactive pedagogical tools (videos, quizzes, self assessment tests etc.); (2) social networking platform (journal, business idea discussion forum, customized user profile

pages for trainees to upload own presentations, videos, articles and publications etc.)

More about the project you can learn from its website: http://effectivewriting.eu/