DIAMEE project description

Project description

DIAMEE project: "Dialogical Methodologies for Entrepreneurs" is the continuation of the successful DIALE (Deep Learning through Dialogue) project (www.hamk.fi/diale), after the decision of two partners of DIALE project, CEEI-Burgos and HAMK, by further developing and adapting the methodology created for entrepreneurship environment.

DIAMEE is a two-year-long project of the Lifelong learning programme and the Leonardo da Vinci programme - Transfer of Innovation. Тhe project is funded with the support of the European Commission. CEEI-Burgos is the applicant organization, responsible for the coordination and fulfillment of the objectives of the proposed DIAMEE project.

As a result of many studies concerning cooperative learning, it is found that effective learning and teaching require better than normal skills in dialogue, especially when dealing with entrepreneurs, which are normally involved in individual projects and processes.  Dialogical competences include many sub-skills which support shared thinking and performing.

The goal of the project is to develop the dialogical competences of entrepreneurship trainers and coaches through concrete methods. The development work is based on extensive research and a web service provided in the language of the transference (EN), Spanish (ES) and other local languages in accordance with partners assessment, that supports the training of dialogical competence. These methods will be adapted and developed throughout the project phases, including piloting and feedback. The development and assessment work takes place according to the principles of assessment circle. Internal evaluation relies on Kirkpatrick's model (1998).

Concrete results of the activities of the project partners will be the web service for further dissemination and exploitation, method descriptions of dialogue learning, training programme and other online material related to learning dialogue, including videos of training sessions (Youtube), as well as the minimax containing the methods developed in local languages (ES, SI, BG, EN, LT), with the exception of FI.

The target groups are mainly entrepreneurs coaches and mentors as well as other VET teachers and trainers. Intangible results include the development of dialogue competence of the participants, the partners and stakeholders.

Competences in dialogue are central in creating deep learning experiences and knowledge, enhancing the effectiveness of the learning process, and improving the collaboration in learning, mentoring and communication contexts, by developing self-confidence and the wellbeing of work communities and trainees.

More information about the project is published at its official website: http://diameeproject.com/