The goal of BIOINNO is to develop an accelerated route to entrepreneurship education to ready the next generation of talents to turn vision into reality. Besides, BIOINNO proposes an innovation transfer model between Industry and Academia to foster a bi-directional flow of knowledge, research and innovation.

In addition, due to cross-border collaboration in research and education that has recently grown along with the development of information and communication technologies, the proposed model envisaged the mobility of students and teachers between partners’ institutions, taking into account economic, political and cultural considerations.

BIOINNO will also provide the educational prerequisites needed to enable students to develop their own ideas and build self-confidences, and to foster the successful birth and development of innovation-driven ventures in Europe.
This will be achieved during the twenty-four months participatory and collaborative education pilot project through elite entrepreneurial undergraduate and graduate programs, crash course, internship, online and offline networking, enterprise day, business plan competition and incentive systems, and elevator pitch competition.

The project will develop innovative platform (under the name BIOINNO2GO which will support the entire learning process through various advanced ICT and multimedia tools).

Official website of the project is: