Project description


The role of the “instructor” in all the European countries differs when it comes to instructor’s  training methods, knowledge and competences. 

T.I.K.C.I. is a two year project, part of the European programme “Leonardo da Vinci transfer of innovation”. Its purpose is to create and transfer a self-assessment tool for instructors and trainers created by Confebask with the participation and contribution of all the countries, involved in the project.

The leading partner, Confebask, has participated in different EU projects, including “Textel” and “Proyect”, whose purpose was to analyze and define the figure of the “instructor” in dept. 

The project will be conducted under the following steps:

1. A map of key competences will be established based on the self-assessment tool that is to be transferred. The partners will chose the most appropriate model of portfolio that allows trainers and instructors to measure their qualification in the selected key competences. 

2. Once the portfolio test results are present, a self-study programme will be developed to promote the acquisition of the key competences previously identified as a weakness. Test training courses will be conducted and measures for a certificate of the acquired skills will be developed.

After the validation of the tools, these will be available and will be used by trainers of any educational process that requires practice.
These tools aim to promote and improve the effectiveness of education and will be beneficial for many people from different European countries and geographical areas. The T.I.K.C.I. project seeks to promote lifelong learning, the self-learning and the use of TICs to facilitate the training.

More about the project can be found at the project website: