Bulgarian Development Agency took part in the final conference under the project “Understanding Europe”, which took place on 1st of March 2018 in Brussels, Belgium.


To the project partnership joined and give short presentations Mrs Lisette Schermer from DG EAC – Erasmus+, Mr. Alan Smith – former director of the Erasmus Bureau for the first five years of the programme (1987-92) in the European Commission, Mrs Evelyn Regner – member of the European Parliament.

The participants get to know the achievements of the project and the products developed. They will be made publicly available at the end of March 2018 in all partner languages. After the project presentations a fruitful discussion took place among all participants. It covered needs of VET and informal education, future programme development, current and ongoing problems of the adult education in Europe etc.


The following two days on 2nd and 3rd of March 2018 took place the final meeting of the partnership. All upstanding issues were clarified and all actions needed to be taken were discussed.