Entrepreneurship for Rural Areas and Social Integration – Network for Guidance and Education (ERA +) is a two years project 2015-2017, funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus Plus programme.
The project is developing horizontal skills: European entrepreneurship based on international communication and ICT skills.

Main objectives of the project:
-To create and provide entrepreneurial curriculum & guide containing practical learning activities and good practices examples/case studies in a network of 10 VET schools, NGOs, SMEs, social and cultural organizations from 7 EU countries
-Create an accessible via Internet virtual learning platform for future entrepreneurs in all countries that will met learners option & learning needs.
-To spread this learning resources widely as OER via Internet, workshops, conferences, networks, learning fairs ,into participating organizations, to their partners and directly to learners (1500 final beneficiaries).
-To include this OER in curriculum of high-schools and LLL providers.
Intellectual outputs of the project:
-Step by Step Guide for Young Entrepreneurs that Want to Open a Business in Europe will be shared as an OER
-E-learning platform
Role of Bulgarian Development Agency:
Development of E-learning platform and virtual laboratory

ERA + project partners:

ASCETIS , Romania (project coordinator)
Since 2007, when ASCETIS was created as a not for profit educational NGO with very highly qualified and experienced staff, having 6 highly qualified specialists in education as permanent members and collaborating with a wide range of specialists in various domains. ASCETIS main scope is to prevent poverty and social exclusion in Neamt county witch is located in the poorest region of Romania and one of the poorest regions of Europe , the N-E region , by promoting the touristy and cultural potential of this region , developing education,offering training programs ,guidance and counseling to youth and socially disadvantaged adults and to the trainers working with this categories of learners, promotion of local values and environment protection.

Stowarzyszenie VESUVIO (Poland)
Stowarzyszenie VESUVIO is a cultural-educational non-profit NGO located in Rzeszów, south-east of Poland and operated in a deprived area where employment opportunities are scarce or non-existent, and that socio-economic disadvantage translates into lower-than-average income households. VESUVIO provides non-formal and informal learning, training activities and cultural initiatives directed to young and adult people in various area of learning according to strategic framework for European cooperation including the correspondence with learners ‘needs shown by the local society and labour market. Its general aim is to develop the values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality in international dimension by organizing European educational collaboration. NGO promotes development of key competences including basic skills, as well entrepreneurship in education, foreign languages, digital skills for active citizenship, employability and business creation.

 Fundacja Integracji Społecznej FIS (Poland)

Foundation FIS is a non- profit organization operated in Rzeszow in south- east of Poland.
Foundation collaborates with entrepreneurs/ designers, architects, handicraft artists, jewelery makers, florists, tourist guides and others/ inviting them for sharing experiences, for trainings, for helping people to find a job. Foundation has got good relationships and contacts with local stakeholders and regional labor office subscribing and supporting their employment politics and combating social exclusion.

Kocaeli Kulturel Gelisim ve Dayanisma Dernegi (Turkey)
Kocaeli Cultural Development&Solidarity Organisation(KOGED) is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation.As its name implies,KOGED is mainly engaged in activities aiming at the cultural development of the community,personal development of individuals,charity actions and awareness-raising campaigns for social issues.Hence;the organisation has been implementing non-formal training activities and events such as meetings&workshops to raise the community’s awareness of the important social issues.

 Eesti People to People (Estonia)

Eesti People to People is a non-profit organization registered in 1997 and with activities since 1993 as a chapter of People to People International (PTPI) NGO. The purpose of People to People aims to enhance international understanding and friendship through educational, cultural and humanitarian activities involving the exchange of ideas and experiences directly among peoples of different countries and diverse cultures.

 M&M Profuture Training, S.L (Spain)

M&M Profuture Training is a private company located in Cornellà de Llobregat, strategically placed near Barcelona with an important relationship with training and education world.

Centre culturel de Habay ASBL (Belgium)
The Centre culturel de Habay (Habay Cultural centre) is a nonprofit association born more than 40 years ago. In 2000 the association evolved to the position of a recognized and state supported Cultural center. This recognition is linked to missions specified in different regional laws.

Technical College Gheorghe Cartianu from Piatra Neamt ,N-E region , Romania is a big technological high-school with 1500 students and 102 teachers .

ERA is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. Their work is targeting the area of N-E region of Romania , to develop culture and local communities by using of visual arts as practical educational means which has the purpose to promote the well-being of our community by educating children, sustain youth and women's development as well as active aging in the N-E region of Romania. Another goal of the organization's activity is to promote and encourage a public interest in the history, traditions, arts, crafts, language, and culture of Romania within it’s NE-region and in Europe.


Bulgarian Development Agency (Bulgaria)